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IVR Congress 2024 » Seoul (KR), 7–12 July 2024

The XXXI IVR World Congress will place in Seoul, Republic of Korea, 7–12 July 2024. Additional information will be published soon. Matthias Mahlmann, IVR President The XXXI IVR World Congress will not be held in Argentina. The IVR expresses its warmest thanks to the Argentinian IVR section for their work in support of the IVR. […]

Statement of the IVR President and Executive Committeeon the Aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine

The Russian Federation’s attack on Ukraine violates fundamental principles of law and humanity. As lawyers and philosophers, we recognize the inherent dignity and inalienable rights of all members of the human family to be the foundation of freedom, justice, and peace in the world.  Terror attacks against civilians, expansionist attacks against democratic states, and denial […]

IVR 2017 Host City

SUBMISSION CLOSED AS OF 1 MARCH 2017 Due to circumstances in Turkey, the IVR is seeking a new host city for the IVR XXVIII World Congress in July, 2017. The IVR EC therefore requests that formal proposals to host the 2017 World Congress be submitted to the Secretary-General by March 1, 2017. Such proposals should include: the […]

Letter from the IVR President: Site of World Congress to be Moved

Please see below a letter from the President of IVR on the search for a new venue for a 2017 IVR World Congress Dear Members of the International Association for the Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy (IVR), I am sad to report that circumstances now make it impossible to hold the 2017 World Congress in Istanbul […]

Message concerning the situation in Turkey

The IVR and the XXVIII World Congress Organizers in Turkey are very grateful for your many expressions of concern about the welfare of our Turkish colleagues after the attempted coup and subsequent state of emergency.  They are much shaken, but glad of your support. We are not sure how these events will affect plans for […]

Sascha Ziemann: IVR honorary archivist

IVR president Mortimer Sellers has appointed Sascha Ziemann as honorary archivist of the IVR. In the coming months, Dr Ziemann will contribute to the IVR website through the development of a dedicated section on the history of the IVR. Dr. Sascha Ziemann, born 1977, holds a Law degree (2003) as well as a doctorate in […]

Message from the IVR President

Dear Friends, Thank you very much for your excellent presentations, perceptive comments, and good fellowship at the XXVII World Congress on the Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy! More than 800 philosophers of law gathered from every corner of the world to illuminate all aspects of the relationship between “Law, Reason, and Emotion”. I am […]