Officials 2019

Honorary Presidents

Aulis Aarnio (Finland), Jose Brito (Portugal), Eugenio Bulygin (Argentina), Ricardo Guibourg (Argentina), Hermann Klenner (Germany), Ulfrid Neumann (Germany), Enrico Pattaro (Italy) and Carl Wellman (USA)

IVR Executive Committee (2019–2023)


  • Matthias Mahlmann (Switzerland)


  • Véronique Champeil-Desplats (France)
  • Marcelo Galuppo (Brazil)
  • Sanne Taekema (Netherlands)
  • Gülriz Uygur (Turkey)

Other members:

  • Juan Pablo Alonso (Argentina)
  • Amalia Amaya (Mexico)
  • Andres Botero-Bernal (Colombia)
  • Ann Cudd (US)
  • Jasminka Hasanbegovic (Serbia)
  • Isabel Lifante (Spain)
  • Li Lin (China)
  • George Pavlakos (UK)
  • Giorgio Pino (Italy)
  • Lorenz Schulz (Germany)
  • Michael Sevel (Australia)
  • Hirohide Takikawa (Japan)
  • Jin-Sook Yun (Korea)
  • Wojciech Zaluski (Poland)
  • Mauro Zamboni (Sweden)
  • Klaus Günther (Germany) – Treasurer

Non-voting members:

  • Anne Kühler (Secretary-General)
  • Annette Brockmöller (Editor-in-Chief of the ARSP)
  • Christoffer Wong (webmaster)
  • Mortimer Sellers (immediate past president)

Officials of the IVR (2019–2023) with e-mail addresses

President: Matthias Mahlmann (Switzerland) | E-mail:
Secretary-General: Anne Kühler (Switzerland) | E-mail:
Treasurer: Klaus Günther (Germany) | E-mail:
Christoffer Wong (Sweden) | E-mail: see front-page of this website

Officials of the ARSP

Editor-in-Chief of the ARSP: Ulfrid Neumann (Germany)
ARSP Editorial Supervision: Annette Brockmöller (Germany)

Information on past officials can be found for the period 2015/2019.

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