Associação Brasileira de Filosofia do Direito e Sociologia do Direito (ABRAFI) is the Brazilian national section of the IVR. ABRAFI was the host of the IVR World Congress 2013 held at Belo Horizonte. Marcelo Campos Galuppois the current president of ABRAFI.

Members of the ABRAFI executive board for the period 2015–2019:

Marcelo Campos Galuppo (PUC Minas/UFMG) – President
Joao Mauricio Leitao Adeodato (UFPe/FDV) – 1st Vice President
Lenio Luiz Streck (UNISINOS) – 2nd Vice President
Claudia Rosane Roesler (UNB) – 3rd Vice President
Margarida Maria Lacombe Camargo (UFRJ) – Secretary
Ronaldo Macedo Porto (USP) – Treasurer
Rubens Becak (USP) – Director of Academic Affairs

Auditors for the association are: Antônio Carlos Diniz Walker (UFSC), Juliana Neuenschwander Magalhaes (UFRJ) and Mônica Sette Lopes (UFMG)


AAFD has its own website at:


Please see the contact page of ABRAFI: Contato | ABRAFI

Recent posts:

ABRAFI: New Executive Board


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