Membership fees

Membership fees of national sections are payable annually for the period of 1 July to 30 June. The annual fee is calculated on the basis of the number of members of the national sections. The current rate is 15 USD per member per annum, half of which is retained by the national sections. In practice, therefore, the amount to be sent to the IVR is:

7.50 USD per member per annum.

The amount should be transmitted to the IVR bank account (see below) with clear indication of the name of national section. When transmitting fund please also send a notice to the IVR treasurer Helga Varden (hvarden@illinois.edu), so that any problem will be attended to in good time.

IVR Bank Account (effective from 1 February 2017):

Name of Bank: Bank of America
Account Holder: AMINTAPHIL, INC.
Account Number: 3750 1889 2443
ABA Routing Number: 026009593
SWIFT code for US currency transfers: BOFAUS3N
SWIFT code for non-US currency transfers: BOFAUS6S

The United States does not currently participate in IBAN, so there is no IBAN number.

Address for US currency transfers:
Bank of America, NA
222 Broadway
New York, New York 10038
Address for non-US currency transfers:
Bank of America, NA
555 California St
San Francisco, CA 94104

For enquiries concerning membership fees please contact Helga Varden (hvarden@illinois.edu),

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