Monthly Archives: January 2017

IVR section in Japan: New executive board

The page of the IVR section in Japan has been updated following the election of a new executive board. The current president of the section is professor Takikawa Hirohide at Rikkyo University, Tokyo.  

IVR section in Lithuania: contact information updated

The contact information for the IVR section in Lithuania is, as of January 2017, the following: President: Jolanta Bieliauskaitė, Faculty of Law, Mykolas Romeris University (; Secretary: Daiva Petrėnaitė: Faculty of Law, Mykolas Romeris University (

Updated website and contact information for IVR Finland

The website address and contact information for the IVR section in Finland Suomen oikeusfilosofisen yhdistyksen (SOFY) have been updated. The Chair of the Board is Professor Panu Minkkinen..  

Communications from IVR sections in Italy and Sweden

The IVR has received communications from the Italian and Swedish sections which have been circulated to members of the executive committee and section presidents. These communications express the respective section’s view on the forthcoming IVR congress in Istanbul. Communication dated 11 November 2016 from Carla Faralli, President of the Italian Society for the Philosophy of Law […]

IVR Section in Australia: Contact Information Updated

The information on the Australian Society of Legal Philosophy has been updated. The current website of the society is