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IVR Congress 2024 » Seoul (KR), 7–12 July 2024

The XXXI IVR World Congress will place in Seoul, Republic of Korea, 7–12 July 2024. Additional information will be published soon. Matthias Mahlmann, IVR President The XXXI IVR World Congress will not be held in Argentina. The IVR expresses its warmest thanks to the Argentinian IVR section for their work in support of the IVR. […]

Online book promotion: the artifactual nature of law

The International Association for Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy (IVR) and its Croatian section are pleased to announce that a promotion of the first book in the IVR book series, L. Burazin, K. E. Himma, C. Roversi, P. Banaś (eds.), The Artifactual Nature of Law (Edward Elgar 2022), will be held on October 17, at […]

IVR sections: Is your information up-to-date?

Is the information on this website about your regional section up-to-date? Please check the pages on the IVR regional sections and let the webmaster know if they need to be updated. You should also contact the webmaster if information on your section is missing altogether.

IVR book prize (2022) for excellence in the philosophy of law and social philosophy

Professor Robert Alexy will be awarded the 2022 IVR Book Prize for his volume on Law’s Ideal Dimension (Oxford, 2021). The Prize is awarded to the best book published on the Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy since the last World Congress in 2019. The Prize will be awarded at 1:00 p.m. on Thursday, July 7th […]

Statement of the IVR President and Executive Committeeon the Aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine

The Russian Federation’s attack on Ukraine violates fundamental principles of law and humanity. As lawyers and philosophers, we recognize the inherent dignity and inalienable rights of all members of the human family to be the foundation of freedom, justice, and peace in the world.  Terror attacks against civilians, expansionist attacks against democratic states, and denial […]

IVR Congress: Bucharest, July 2022

The congress website has been updated with information on the program, including the plenary speakers. Please also note that registration is now open and until 31 January 2022 a reduced early registration fee is applicable.

Eugenio Bulygin (1931-2021)

by Juan Pablo Alonso, Buenos Aires University, IVR Executive Committee member Eugenio Bulygin was born on the 25th of July 1931 in Jarkov, the second most important city in what is today Ukrainian territory. Born into a college educated family well-versed in literature and science, his childhood was defined by the difficulties of World War […]

IVR Congress in Bucharest, 3–8 July 2022

The IVR World Congresses are distinguished by world class speakers and the coming together of persons with a great diversity of backgrounds to discuss, challenge and renegotiate central ideas and concepts of legal and social philosophy. They create exceptional occasions for exchange and in-depth discussions. They offer an environment and social program that provides the […]

IVR Section in Poland

Information is added under “Sections” for Stowarzyszenie Filozofii Prawa i Filozofii Społecznej, the IVR section in Poland. On that page you will find information on Archiwum Filozofii Prawa i Filozofii Społecznej, an academic journal published by the Polish IVR Section.  

Forthcoming IVR Congresses

Visitors to this website may be interested to know that the next IVR World Congress (the XXX IVR World Congress) will take place in Bucharest, Romania, in 2021. After that, the XXXI IVR World Congress 2023 will take place in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The exact dates have not been decided yet but more information will […]