Sascha Ziemann: IVR honorary archivist

Sascha Ziemann
IVR president Mortimer Sellers has appointed Sascha Ziemann as honorary archivist of the IVR. In the coming months, Dr Ziemann will contribute to the IVR website through the development of a dedicated section on the history of the IVR.
Dr. Sascha Ziemann, born 1977, holds a Law degree (2003) as well as a doctorate in law (s.c.l., 2008) from the University of Frankfurt/Main, School of Law, Germany. After completing the Second State Exam in 2010, Mr Ziemann became a Postdoctoral Researcher and a Lecturer in Law at the Institute of Criminal Law and Philosophy of Law, University of Frankfurt/Main. At the moment, he is preparing his Postdoctoral thesis on the conflict between economic liberty and criminal law. Mr Ziemann has been closely connected to IVR on many different occasions. In 2011, he was Event organizer for the 25th IVR World Congress in Frankfurt/Main and curator of an exhibition exploring 100 years of IVR. He has also published a bibliography on the “Archives for Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy” in 2010. Since 2006 he is Co-Speaker of the “Junges Forum Rechtsphilosophie”, a Young Academics Network for German-speaking philosophers of law.

Major Publications: Neukantianisches Strafrechtsdenken. Die Philosophie des Südwestdeutschen Neukantianismus und ihre Rezeption in der Strafrechtswissenschaft des frühen 20. Jahrhunderts,, 2009 (Neo-Kantianism and the Criminal Law. The Impact of Neo-Kantian Philosophy on German Criminal Law Theory 1900–1933); Archiv für Rechts- und Sozialphilosophie: Bibliographie und Dokumentation (1907-2009), 2010 (Archives for Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy [1907-2009]: Bibliography and Documentation); Commentary on Section § 266 (abuse of trust) and Section § 184 (pornography) of the German Criminal Code.


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