IVR 2017 Host City


Due to circumstances in Turkey, the IVR is seeking a new host city for the IVR XXVIII World Congress in July, 2017.

The IVR EC therefore requests that formal proposals to host the 2017 World Congress be submitted to the Secretary-General by March 1, 2017.

Such proposals should include:

  1. the site, including specific reference to available rooms;
  2. a proposed budget, including registration costs;
  3. sites for the opening reception and closing ceremony;
  4. sites for the conference outing;
  5. methods for accepting registration payments;
  6. lunch arrangements;
  7. source of support staff;
  8. hotel arrangements, including conference hotel for speakers and dignitaries
  9. any other relevant information supporting the proposal.

We appreciate that due to the very short time-line some of this information may be incomplete. Please give the most complete proposal that you can.  You should also be aware that we have received many inquiries and that it is possible that there will be several proposals of interest to the EC.

M.N.S. Sellers
Regents Professor University System of Maryland
President of IVR

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