Officials 2015

IVR Executive Committee 2015/19

Honorary Presidents:
Aulis Aarnio (Finland)
Eugenio Bulygin (Argentina)
Hermann Klenner (Germany)
Enrico Pattaro (Italy)
Carl Wellman (USA)

Mortimer Sellers (USA)

Pierluigi Chiassoni (Italy)
Ricardo Guibourg (Argentina)
Martin Krygier (Australia)
Byung-Sun Oh (South Korea)

Other Members:
João Mauricio Adeodato (Brazil)
Andrés Botero Bernal (Colombia)
Veronique Champeil-Desplats (France)
Emilios Christodoulidis (United Kingdom)
Jorge Cerdio Herran (Mexico)
Marisa Iglesias Vila (Spain)
Eerik Lagerspetz (Finland)
Matthias Mahlmann (Switzerland)
Marijan Pavčnik (Slovenia)
Tetsu Sakurai (Japan)
Lorenz Schulz (Germany)
Tomasz Stawecki (Poland)
Sanne Taekema (Netherlands)
Gülriz Uygur (Turkey)
Mauro Zamboni (Sweden)

Non-voting Members:
Leslie Francis (Secretary-General)
Annette Brockmöller (Editor-in-Chief of the ARSP)
Christoffer Wong (webmaster)
Ulfrid Neumann (immediate past president)

Mortimer Sellers (USA)Secretary-General:
Leslie Francis (USA)

Helga Varden (USA)

Christoffer Wong (Sweden)

Editor-in-Chief of the ARSP: 
Ulfrid Neumann (Germany)

ARSP Editrorial Supervision: 
Annette Brockmöller (Germany)

Address of IVR Authorities (2015-2019): 
Mortimer Sellers, president
Leslie Francis, secretary-general 
Helga Varden, treasurer
Christoffer Wong, webmaster

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