Rule of Law beyond the Nation-State — international conference, Belgrade, Serbia, 14–15 May 2021

[This conference was orginally planned to take place in December 2020]

Rule of Law beyond the Nation-State:
International, Supranational, Transnational Contexts

Belgrade, Serbia — 14–15 May 2021

The goal of the conference is to provide further elucidation and evaluation of the process of appropriation of the Rule of Law principle in various contexts beyond the nation-state. It aspires to do so by employing contributions from different scholarly disciplines, ranging from legal and political philosophy via European studies, international law and international relations to transnational/global governance.

All those interested in participating at the conference shall by April 10th submit an abstract (up to 500 words long) to the address Selected participants will be informed by April 25th.

For more information please see leaflet with a description of the conference.

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