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ASOFIDES Congress – Barranquilla, Colombia

The 14th National Congress of Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy was held in the city of Barranquilla, Colombia, 11–13 May 2016. The event was organized by Universidad del Atlántico (UA) and the Colombian Association of Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy (ASOFIDES). During the Congress, the Assembly of the Colombian Association of Philosophy of Law […]

Congreso de filosofía del derecho para el mundo latino

The Congreso del derecho para el mundo latino will be held in Alicante, Spain, 26–28 May 2016. For more information please visit the website:  

Milan, 14 October 2015 | Workshop: Immigration, democracy and justice

A workshop under the title “Immigration, democracy and justice” will be held on 14 October 2015 at Università degli studi di Milano, under the auspices of the Discrimination and Inequalities Research Strategic Team. The official language of the workshop is English. Please see the flyer for further information and registration.

International Research Collaborative: ‘Law, Reason and Emotion’

The Law and Society Association (LSA) has awarded the status of International Research Collaborative (IRC) to the network entitled Law, Reason and Emotion. This IRC seeks to bring together scholars from a range of disciplines studying aspects of the relationship between these key themes– law, reason and emotion – including in legal reasoning, in the […]

Belgrade, 19 October 2015 | Conference: Legal normativity and language

A Conference on Legal Normativity and Language will be held on 19 October 2015, at the Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade, Serbia. Participants in the Conference include: Brian Bix, Kenneth Einar Himma, Veronica Rodriguez-Blanco, Matthias Klatt, Dimitrios Kyritsis, Andrej Kristan, Jasminka Hasanbegović & Milorad V. Todorović, Bojan Spaić and Miodrag Jovanović. Contact person: Bojan […]

Pictures from Washington DC

An online photo album with pictures taken from the world congress at Washington DC is now available at: A compilation of pictures in the form of a slide show is also available, at YouTube:

AAFD Journadas, 1–3 October 2015, Ushuaia, Patagonia, Argentina

The 24th Journadas of the AAFD (Asociación Argentina de Filosofía del Derecho, the Argentinian IVR national section) will be held 1–3 October 2015 at Casa de la Cultura, Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego in Patagonia, Argentina. A preliminary programme is available at the website of the AAFD: