IVR Serbia’s recent activities

IVR Serbia has the pleasure in sharing its activities with the rest of the IVR world:

  1. Symposium on the ‘Most important problem in contemporary legal philosophy’ (with Brian Leiter, Frederick Schauer, Tomasz Gizbert-Studnicki, Pierluigi Chiassoni, and Torben Spaak) is available at ivrserbia.org/en/publishing/annals-2021-vol-69-4-2/
  2. Symposium on Miodrag Jovanovic’s book The Nature of International Law (with Veronica Rodriguez-Blanco, Alejandro Chehtman, David Lefkowitz, Mario Krešić, and Carmen Pavel) is available at ivrserbia.org/en/publishing/revus-symposium-on-international-law-2/
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