Abrafi online congress on philosophy of law, 10–12 March 2021

The Brazilian Section of IVR (ABRAFI) is host to the 7th Brazilian Congress on Philosophy of Law, 10–12 March 2021. It is the first time that the Congress is held online, and its main theme will be Democracy and Risk; 1,700 attendees (comprising both members and students) have enrolled to take part in the congress. There will be a number of lectures, working groups and special workshops. Although the only language of the Congress is Portuguese, and the deadline for submitting proposals is already over, anyone interested may attend via http://tiny.cc/abrafi or register (to receive an attendance certificate) at https://www.sympla.com.br/vii-jornada-brasileira-de-filosofia-do-direito__1088714; both free of charge.

VII Jornada Brasileira de Filosofia do Direito

Lectures and working groups will be soon available on Abraf’s YouTube Channel.

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