Call for Papers: “Images of Law in Film Art”

Call for paper from Archiwum Filozofii Prawa i Filozofii Społecznej:

We invite everyone to submit papers to a special issue of the Journal of the Polish Section of IVR (Archiwum Filozofii Prawa i Filozofii Społecznej) concentrating on “Images of Law in Film Art”. The issue will contain papers both in English and in Polish. All the texts will be available open access at our webpage:

The purpose of the volume is to answer the question whether film, one of the more popular fields of culture today, can serve as a means to express interesting and noteworthy truths about law. The link intended to bind all the papers in the planned issue is therefore a formal one: it is the exposition of important legal problems with reference to selected movies (including television films and/or series). Therefore, the key to a successful submission is a convincing reference to specific film material, rather than the type of legal issue chosen to discuss. Topics discussed may relate to such various areas as: legal theory, legal and/or political philosophy, sociology of law and socio-legal studies, historical studies of law, legal psychology, criminology, forensic science, critical legal studies and others. Legal doctrine (legal dogmatics) is also welcomed, provided that such doctrinal legal analysis is joined with more general and fundamental research, in line with a scientific profile of the Journal. For example, papers limited to a mere analysis whether the presentation of a selected legal institution in a movie is consistent with its actual legal regulation will not be accepted – unless such considerations serve some general, theoretical and/or philosophical purposes.

References to film studies literature are of course more than welcome, yet are not required. The decision on the publication of a paper will be based both on its scientific value and on the assessment whether the reference to the film material forms a substantive element of the presented argumentation (in other words, whether such a reference does not play an ornamental role only, devoid of any substantive meaning).

The deadline for submitting a paper is September 30, 2020. We plan to publish the volume as a second issue of the Journal in 2021. Proposals should be sent on the email address of the Editorial Board of the Journal ( The text should be edited according to the editorial standards for the Journal, available HERE. Further information is available from the editors of the volume: Dr Paweł Jabłoński ( and Dr Maciej Pichlak (, both from University of Wrocław.


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