Jurisprudence Jam Session, Belgrade 21 March 2020

Jam session is largely informal musical event or activity where musicians, typically instrumentalists, play improvised solos, tunes and songs. ‘Jurisprudence Jam Session’ is envisaged as an event which features a small and preselected group of legal philosophers who ‘improvise’ on any of the topical issues in jurisprudence. Having no predetermined and overarching theme, ‘Jurisprudence Jam Session’ is as informal as possible, encouraging all the present participants to freely jump in with clarificatory questions to the ‘jamming’ speaker, as well as to continue the initiated philosophical ‘improvisation’ by subsequently throwing comments, criticisms and appraisals. ‘Jurisprudence Jam Session’ is not intended to deliver any final product (e.g. book volume, special journal issue) – its emphasis is on the very process of philosophical ‘jamming’ and exchanging arguments. While no particular formal status or academic affiliation is the necessary precondition for the participation at the session, its success ultimately depends on the ability of invited ‘jamming’ jurisprudes to meaningfully contribute to a wide range of legal philosophical tunes.

Serbian Association for Legal and Social Philosophy is proud to present its inaugurating Spring 2020 edition.

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