IVR Young Scholar Prize 2019

The IVR Young Scholar Prize for 2019 has been awarded to Eilidh Beaton for her essay entitled “Replacing the Persecution Condition for Refugeehood”. Professor Pierluigi Chiassoni (Università di Genoa), chairperson of the jury, commented on Eilidh Beaton’s contribution as follows:

The age we live is – still, shamefully, and increasingly – an age of massive violations of human rights. The Committee has unanimously decided to award to the paper “Replacing the Persecution Condition for Refugeehood” the IVR Young Scholar Prize 2019, in consideration of its being a model sample of analytic legal scholarship committed to the protection of humans needing to flee from the rogue and cruel governments of their countries.

Eilidh Beaton is currently a PhD candidate at the Department of Philosophy at the University of Pennsylvania.

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