IVR section meeting etc. at the Luzern congress

In addition to the program for all participants published at the congress website, the following meetings are scheduled to take place for heads of IVR sections.

Meeting of heads of IVR sections

Tuesday 9 July, 12:30–13:30

This meeting is open to all heads of IVR sections. Representatives are kindly requested to check that the information on the IVR website about the section is up-to-date. If no information is available on the website, the representative is kindly requested to supply the Secretary-General with information.

Meeting of the nomination committee

Tuesday 9 July 13:30–14:30

The meeting will propose, to the IVR General Assembly, nominees for the IVR President, Executive Committee and other officials for the period 2019–2023. Members of the nomination committee are the current members of the IVR Executive Committee and representatives of IVR sections that are not already represented on the Executive Committee.

Both meetings will take place at Lecture Hall No. 1 (Hörsaal 1) of the Luzern University main building.

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