Important message to all IVR sections

Please see the following message from the Secretary-General to all IVR sections where up-to-date contact information. The message is reproduced below in an attempt to reach sections that the IVR has not been able to reach through other means.

I am writing you because you are listed as the president or contact person of a currently active section of the IVR.  At the upcoming IVR meeting in Lucerne, there are several matters that will be of interest to you and that we hope you, or your delegate, will be able to attend.  If you are not the current official of a section, please do pass this message along to the proper contact person.

First, the meeting of the nominating committee will take place on:  Tuesday 9 July, 13.30-14.30.  This meeting will nominate people for election to the Executive Committee of the IVR for 2019-2023.  The nominating committee also nominates officers (president, vice presidents) and honorary presidents of the IVR. The nominating committee is made up of members of the EC plus presidents of sections that do not have current EC members.  You can find a list of all members of the EC here: You can also find a list of all current sections here:   We have received a number of nominations and some members of the EC will be continuing, as per the IVR constitution and procedural rules. Further nominations are welcome of course; they may be made either at the meeting or by sending a nomination to  Nominations should include a brief statement of the nominee’s qualifications and interests in philosophy of law, and a short cv.  Please also seek the consent of the nominee to serve before a nomination is made.

Second, the meeting of the heads of the IVR sections (or their delegates) will take place on: Tuesday 9 July, 12.30-13.30.  This meeting is scheduled to be just before the meeting of the nominating committee.

Finally, the meeting of the General Assembly of the IVR will take place on:  Friday 12 July, 16.00-17.00. The purpose of the meeting will be to vote on membership of the Executive Committee and officers of the IVR.  The General Assembly will also hear reports from the treasurer, the secretary-general, the president of the IVR, the IVR webmaster, and the editor of the Archiv.  The General Assembly will also vote on the proposal to host the next meeting of the IVR in Romania in 2021.

If you have any questions, please get in touch.



Leslie Francis
Distinguished Alfred C. Emery Professor of Law
Distinguished Professor of Philosophy
University of Utah



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