Juris North: A legal and political philosophy discussion group

Juris North, a legal and political philosophy discussion group, invites academics and lawyers to present papers at its seminars held in England. For more information please see the information leaflet.

The meetings this autumn/winter are as follows:

  • Week One [Wednesday 27th September, at 3pm, hosted by Manchester Law School] – “On Global Constitutionalism’s Philosophical and Biopolitical Significance: The Case of Implied Legal Principles and Rules.” Dr. Luca Siliquini-Cinelli, Senior Lecturer, Department of Law, Liverpool Hope University.
  • Week Two [Wednesday 11th October 2017, at 3pm, hosted by Manchester Law School] – “Human Dignity: Constitutive not Regulative.” Dr. Stephen Riley, Lecturer, Department of Law, University of Leicester.
  • Week Three [Wednesday 1st November 2017, at 3pm, hosted by Durham Law School] – “What has private law ever done for Justice?” Dr. Claudio Michelon, Professor of the Philosophy of Law, Edinburgh Law School, University of Edinburgh.
  • Week Four [Wednesday 22nd November 2017, at 3pm, hosted by the Manchester Law School] – “Positive Discrimination and Intrinsic Rights Jurisprudence: A Critical Analysis of the Case of Tribes in India.” Dr Prasenjit Biswas, Associate Professor of Philosophy, North Eastern Hill University, Shillong, India.
  • Week Five [Wednesday 6th December 2017, at 3pm, hosted by the Manchester Law School] – “Crossing Borders: LGBT Families and the Failure of Freedom of Movement.” Dr. Stephen Whittle, Professor, School of Law, Manchester Metropolitan University.

The respective papers will be distributed by email before each event.

Enquiries: Dr Jorge Nunez j.nunez@mmu.ac.uk.


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