Statement of IVR Executive Committee on World Congress in Istanbul


The IVR Executive Committee deeply regrets the recent coup attempt in Turkey and thanks the many members of the IVR who have contacted us to express support and concern for our Turkish colleagues.

Turkish people across the political spectrum have stood up courageously to defend the Turkish constitution, democracy, and the rule of law against violence and the threat of an authoritarian military regime. The IVR mourns the victims and condemns those who took many lives in attacking basic legal principles and universal human rights.

Events in Turkey in the aftermath of the coup have also raised profound concerns across the globe that these same standards of democracy, human rights and the rule of law remain under threat. This includes threats to the freedom and autonomy of academic work, which is only possible without purges, restrictions, persecutions, and intimidation.

The IVR is committed to supporting our Turkish academic colleagues in every way possible and to contributing uncompromisingly to the defense of academic freedom, which is a crucial precondition of any democratic society based on human rights and the rule of law.

We hope that the IVR World Congress will offer a rare opportunity to express this support personally to our Turkish colleagues, to learn about the Turkish situation, to deepen precious links between Turkish researchers and the international scientific community, and to engage in discussions about how best to maintain the rule of law, universal human rights, and justice against the threat of arbitrary power.

We remain in close contact with our colleagues in Turkey. We hope that the upcoming IVR World Congress will be able to affirm the values of democracy, human rights, and the rule of law that play such an important role in legal and social philosophy, and stand at the basis of any just legal or political order.

IVR Executive Committee
August 26, 2016



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