IVR Young Scholar’s Prize 2017

The information given below is also available as a leaflet in pdf-format.

Young Scholars, not over 35 years of age,* are cordially invited to write a paper to be presented at the next world congress of the IVR in Istanbul (Turkey) and pub­lished in the Archiv für Rechts- und Sozialphilosophie (ARSP). (* born on or after 16 January 1982)

Papers submitted for the IVR Young Scholar’s Prize should

  • deal with the subjects of the 28th IVR World Congress on ‘Peace’ to be held in Istanbul – Maltepe University, 16th to 21st July 2017;
  • be written in one of the ARSP languages: English, French, German or Spanish;
  • not exceed the length of 20 pages including footnotes and bibliography (about 2 300 key strokes each page);
  • have on its cover page, the title of the paper, the name, affiliation, postal address, e-mail address, member status of the IVR, and the date of birth of the applicant;
  • have on all other pages no reference to the applicant’s name or any other information that would indentify the applicant;
  • be mailed to the Secretary General of the IVR, Professor Leslie Francis (francisl@law.utah.edu).

Deadline for submission is 16th January 2017. Only one submission by each com­petitor is allowed. The date of birth should be given.

To facilitate the assessment of the papers competitors who present their papers in French, German or Spanish are requested to add an English translation.

The participation in the IVR-Prize competition does not exclude the paper from being submitted to the Congress (for presentation in the working groups).

The papers received will be read by a panel of judges appointed by the Executive Com­mittee of the IVR.

The prize winner will be awarded  € 1 000 and be given the opportunity to deliver a special ‘IVR-Prize Lecture’ at the Istanbul World Congress of the IVR. Her/his paper will be published in the ARSP.


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