International Research Collaborative: ‘Law, Reason and Emotion’

The Law and Society Association (LSA) has awarded the status of International Research Collaborative (IRC) to the network entitled Law, Reason and Emotion. This IRC seeks to bring together scholars from a range of disciplines studying aspects of the relationship between these key themes– law, reason and emotion – including in legal reasoning, in the creation of legal norms, in the behaviour of legal actors (e.g. judges, juries, victims, lawyers, defendants), and in the structure and function of legal institutions, broadly defined.  IRC status guarantees sessions at the LSA conference in Mexico City in June 2017 with potential for consolidation of the IRC as an ongoing Collaborative Research Network or Working Group for future LSA conferences. Panels at the 2016 conference in New Orleans will also be considered.

The network currently includes over 30 scholars across a range of disciplinary fields (such as law, history, psychology, philosophy, criminology and sociology) at leading universities in the UK, Canada, Germany, Sweden, Australia, and the USA. The IRC is coordinated by Dermot Feenan, University of Portsmouth, and Susan A. Bandes, DePaul University, who plan to edit a special collection of papers from the IRC sessions.

Those interested in membership should: (a) provide details of their research interests (including publications) related to the theme ‘Law, Reason and Emotion’ in not more than 200 words, (b) confirm that they are willing to present their research on this theme principally at the Law and Society Association Annual Meeting in Mexico City in 2017 (and/or in New Orleans in 2016), (c) indicate whether they would be able to contribute a paper for publication, and if so, the provisional title. (Commitment to publish is not required; nor can we promise that all those who want to publish papers will have the opportunity to do so). Contact: or

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