Law and Compassion, London, 1 July 2015


Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, London, 1st July 2015

This symposium will provide a forum for presentations and discussion on the relationships between law and compassion, focusing on the conceptual and theoretical approaches to compassion, and the relationship of compassion to litigation, judging and regulation, with particular concern to learn from critical interdisciplinary and socio-legal approaches.


  • Keynote – Professor Susan Bandes, DePaul University, USA;
  • Dermot Feenan & Daniel Bedford, Portsmouth;
  • Maks Del Mar, Queen Mary, London;
  • Iain Wilkinson, Kent;
  • Marinos Diamantides, Birkbeck;
  • Victoria Butler-Cole, Barrister;
  • Professor Heather Keating, Sussex Law School;
  • Judge Anselm Eldergill, Court of Protection;
  • Professor Jonathan Herring, Oxford;
  • Professor Jonathan Montgomery, UCL;
  • Professor Bettina Lange, Oxford.

Academic coordinators Dermot Feenan and Daniel Bedford, School of Law, University of Portsmouth


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