Taiwan Association for Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy (TAPL) (台灣法理學會) joins IVR

taiwan_logoThe Taiwan Association for Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy (TAPL) (台灣法理學會) was admitted in August 2013 as the latest member of the IVR.

Taiwan Association for Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy (TAPL) was founded in 2001, and was approved as IVR Taiwan Section in August 2013. The missions of TAPL are to advance the study, teaching and development of jurisprudence in Taiwan, and to promote international exchange and collaboration of jurisprudential study. Currently TAPL has about 50 members, including academic researchers, university professors and students, as well as judges and attorneys.

The academic interests of TAPL members cover a wide range of areas, such as legal, moral and political philosophy, legal methodology and hermeneutics, sociology of law, economic analysis of law, feminist jurisprudence, critical legal studies, legal anthropology, and history of legal thoughts.

TAPL holds regular events such as annual conferences, workshops, lectures on classics of jurisprudence, and joint annual meetings of fundamental legal studies. In recent years TAPL annual conferences featured such themes as “Sociology and Methodology of Law: International Perspective and Local Reflection” (2011), “Legal Education Reform and Fundamental Legal Studies” (2012) and “History of Legal Thought” (2013). Internationally, TAPL held East Asian Conference on Philosophy of Law in Taiwan in 2006 and 2012, in collaboration with its East Asian counterparts.

To promote the study of jurisprudence to the wider professional community, TAPL is currently working on a project of the Lexicon of Jurisprudence, which will contain concise essays introducing key concepts of jurisprudence. TAPL has already engaged its core members on this project, and expects to complete the first stage by early 2014 with over 50 entries.

Many of TAPL members actively participate in international scholarly associations, such as IVR Congress and Law and Society Annual Meetings. Some of TAPL members have published in international scholarly journals, such as ARSP, Rechtstheorie, Criminal Law and Philosophy, Comparative Legal Histories, etc., in addition to local academic journals.

TAPL will actively participate in IVR affairs and activities, and we look forward to building closer ties with the international scholarly community of jurisprudence.

For contact information please visit the IVR website: http://ivronline.org/sections/taiwan.html

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