Proceedings of the 25th World Congress (Frankfurt 2011)

Two ARSP-Beihefte were published containing lectures from the XXV.  World Congress in Frankfurt (2011):

  1. Ulfrid Neumann/Klaus Günther/Lorenz Schulz (eds.), Law, Science, Technology. Plenary lectures presented at the 25th World  Congress of the International Association for Philosophy of Law and Social  Philosophy, Frankfurt am Main, 2011 (ARSP-Beiheft Nr. 136 [2013]);
  2. Carsten Bäcker/Sascha Ziemann (eds.), Junge Rechtsphilosophie (ARSP Beiheft 135 [2013])

It was further published:

  • Klaus Mathis (ed.), Law  and Economics in Europe. Foundations and  Applications, New York:  Springer, 2013;

In preparation is:

  • Malte-Christian  Gruber/Jochen Bung/Sascha Ziemann (eds.), Autonome Automaten. Künstliche Körper und artifizielle Agenten in der technisierten Gesellschaft, Berlin: trafo  2013.

The  contributions of several other workshops will be published as collected volumes. All lectures that were not published in print (116) are published  online.

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